Live Music For Functions

I perform as part of many bands for functions ranging from corporate events to year-end functions, birthday parties, restaurants, festivals, etc.

The format of the band is entirely up to the client, as is the length of the performance time. Some instrumentation I often find myself including is the following:

  • strings (violins, cellos, double bass)
  • guitars
  • electric bass
  • drums/percussion
  • keyboards/piano
  • DJs 
  • vocalists
  • solo acts

As the client, you are able to request a combination of any of these for your event. I contact various artists from my pool of professional performers, to fit the profile of your event and make things run smoothly and more successfully.

A note on sound hiring – A professional sound system is crucial for most events. The client would typically make use of a sound hiring company for this service.

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