Instrumental Lessons

So you’re looking for a teacher to help you pick up your favorite instrument? Good news: you’ve just found exactly that teacher.

Over the course of the last seven years, I have been busy teaching music, both privately and within the school system.

I teach part-time at primary and high schools while conducting private lessons as well. My instrumentation lessons include the following:

  • Saxophone (all kinds) – beginner to advance
  • Clarinet – beginner to intermediate
  • Guitar – beginner
  • Electric bass guitar – beginner to intermediate 
  • Music theory – beginner to advance

Lessons are based on the specific requirements of each student. Your goals are a big part of how our lessons will be structured, and I will help you prepare for external or school exams as well.

I can also teach you to play by ear, by reading sheet music, or both.

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